Thursday, June 03, 2010

Retroactive Augmented Reality on a bike cam

A guy posted a video of a bike race I was in. The cool, as you can see from the video is that he was able to overlay his terminator style augmented reality data on the video. So great. I contacted him. Turns out he used a Contour HD and a Garmin 705 to get the info from his powertap. Now I'm jealous.

I sense a new side project coming on!

Thursday, October 29, 2009


This is me right now:

I've tried updating my blog on a regular basis and I fail. I'm just going to not commit on any level. But I'll post what I learned yesterday.

I was working on an iphone project and I needed to check a property list to see if a value existed, if it doesn't exist, I need to slide in a new modal view, add the information I need, then move the modal view out of the way and update the initial view with the data that was entered.

I learned about viewWillAppear. Basically it is called by the delegate whenever it comes..."view will appear". Imagine that. In this case, I update the view to reflect the new data from the user. When the modal view goes away, the new data is updated.

Seem's easy to you, but it's all greek to me still.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Starting a new environment

I have a wonderful opportunity to start an entirely new development environment. This opportunity came to me as I was at the apple store today and got a fresh install of an OS on a blank drive on an old macbook.

So I'm looking at this:
OS X v 10.5.6 - thanks to the genius at apple
Python 2.5.1 - installed with OS
Django 0.96.3 - matches the google app engine version, or close to it
Google App Engine 1.2 - Its what is available

And it works...

So I guess all it takes to get stuff running is a completely fresh machine. I had roughly 0 issues with this. All installs were seamless.

Back in the day when I used to play around I seem to remember environments being about 40x harder to install. This was trivial. Awesome.

Tomorrow I'll get Django and Google App Engine playing together.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Drinking logs part deux


Its 1:14. I went to grant and green. Met up with James and David azn
and jen. 2 drinks $10. James just moved here from san diego. Not bad.
Great night. Played the straw game forever. Like 5 straws in one head.
Excellent. 5 points.

David Asian taught me how to do the sports center theme. Very funny.
That one is going world wide!

Met a few of their Davis and world travel friends. Great time!!

Anyway cheap night good laughs. Its good to see James in a city that

I'm out